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Welcome to the Library section of the Public Address website. The Library is where documents and related images will be presented. Any comments related to these documents would be greatly appreciated. Most of the documents will be in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the free Adobe Reader application to view the documents.

The Ten Commandments
10 Commandments for happy and successful public art projects.

Public Art is a Verb
The Public Art is a Verb document is a white paper prepared by Public Address to provide feedback for the newly revised Public Art Master Plan developed by the City of San Diego's Commission For Arts and Culture. Our desire is to lend a voice to those artists in the trenches working on public art projects funded by the City of San Diego. Although the document was developed specifically for the City of San Diego it can also be helpful to any artist and public art commissioning agency.

Public Address Seminar Year 2003
The Members of Public Address devoted 2003 to discussions about personal vision, culture, and public space. Online seminar readings, and related imagery are archived in this section.

Reading List
A bibliography, in PDF format, compiled by members of Public Address. Listed are books related to Public Art, Art, Architecture, and Design. This list will be amended as needed.

Crow's Nest/Buddha's Rest: An "interview" of Nina Karavasiles by Robin Brailsford
Spiraling Inward: An interview of Anne Mudge by Robin Brailsford